Bees Health Experience Loot
Chicken Chicken 20 0


Dog Dog 20 0


Swarm Swarm 10 4 Gold, Eggs
Creep Creep 10 8 Gold, Eggs
Rat Rat 15 14 Gold, Cheese
Spiderling Spiderling 26 16 Gold, Eggs
Bug Bug 35 21 Gold, Eggs
Spider Spider 35 25 Gold
Cave crab Cave Crab 36 27 Gold
Baby penguins Baby Penguin 38 28 None
Pill bug Pill Bug 40 30 Gold, Eggs
Crab Crab 44 32 Gold
Beetle Beetle 45 50 Gold, Eggs
Snake Snake 48 38 Snake Skin
Dark ranger Dark Ranger 50 40 Gold, Bow, Composite Bow, Arrows, Shortbow, Haubergeon
Goblin Goblin 52 44 Gold, Dagger, Small Axe, Wooden Buckler, Throwing Stones, Goblin Ear
Wolf Wolf 55 45 wolf turd
Arctic Wolf Arctic Wolf 60 45 Wolf Tooth Chain, Meat
Bandit Bandit 60 48 Gold, Leather Brigandine, Primitive Stone Axe, Green Garment
Warthog Warthog 70 50 Gold, Meat, Gastraphetes
Orknie Orknie 60 58 Gold, Meat, Leather Headgear, Chain Brigandine, Small SCrossbow, Ornate Bow
Dwarf Dwarf 80 55 Gold, Axe, Splitting Axe, Golden Bracelet
Melket Melket 80 60 Gold, Meat, Rusty Bastard Sword, Small Crossbow, Studded Leggings
Orc Orc 85 62 Gold, Leather Brigandine, Green Garment, Leather Shoes, Meat
Ooze Ooze 200 65 Gold
Scorpion Scorpion 100 75 Gold
Goblin chief Goblin Chief 120 70 Gold, Splitting Axe, Open Face Burgonet, Meat, Rapier
Orc warrior Orc Warrior 120 80 Gold, Meat, Mace, Rapier, Hatchet
Giant earthworm Giant Earthworm 130 85 Gold, Eggs, Leather Gauntlets, Basic Gauntlets, Leather Shoes, Scythe
Gelid giant earthworm Gelid Giant Earthworm 140 85 Gold, Basic Gauntles, Leather Shoes, Scythe
Dark Monk Dark Monk 150 90 Gold, Leather Gauntlets, Leather Trousers, Rapier, Mace, Heat Staff, Meat
Gnome Gnome 130 95 Gold
Cobra Cobra 200 100 Gold
Gelid Goblin 180 115 Gold, Studded Leggings
Ent Ent 200 120 ent shit
Walking Dead 230 127 Gold
Orc apprentice Orc Apprentice 120 124 Gold
Orknie general Orknie General 250 130 Gold, Kite Shield, Rusty Bastard Sword, Brass Armor, Copper Amulet, Rusty Iron Armor
Obsessed monk Obsessed Monk 355 135 Gold, Ectoplasm, Haubergeon, Hunter's Bow
Orc thrower Orc Thrower 175 145 Gold
Melket soldier Melket Soldier 200 150 Gold, Battle Hammer, Great Helmet, Battered Knight Armor
Ghoul Ghoul 250 140 Gold, Axe, Golden Ring, Brass Leg Protectors
Kidamru Kidamru  ?  ? Gold
Dwarf magician Dwarf Magician 550 180 Gold, Open Face Burgonet, Bronze Armor, Crystal Wand, Hatchet, Leather Arm Guards, Great Helmet, Large Infantry Buckler, Heat Staff
Warg Warg 740 210 Meat
Goblin Berserker Goblin Berserker 450 220 Gold, Glaivie, Goblin Berserker Ear
Giant beetle Giant Beetle 800 275 Gold, Beetle Shell Armor, Beetle Carapace, Meat, Golden Ornate rod
Melket scout Melket Scout 600 250 Gold, Arrows, Brass Armor, Long Sword, Silver Armor, Crossbow
Freak Freak 750 300 Gold, Gold Bar, Basic Gauntlets, Steel Buckler, Sword, Long Sword, Composite Bow, Double Axe
Wizard Wizard 600 500 Gold, Chain Bracers, Cosmic Shield, Crystal Wand, Katana
Orc wizard Orc Wizard 765 365 Gold, Crystal Wand, Sacred Staff, Furred Leather Boots. Magus' Oceanic Garment
Lion Lion 1000 425 Meat, Lion Shield
Xyioquan beetle Xyioquan Beetle 1200 400 Gold, Scimitar
Werebear Werebear 1500 600 Gold, Gold Bar, Bluestone Sabatons, Steel Greaves, Silver Leg Guards, Spiked Sword, Battered Knight Armor
Golem Golem 2000 650 Gold, Ornate Knight Armor, Plate Shield, Short Tailed Sallet, Sacred Necklace, Throwing Stones, Lamellar Plate, Hunter's Bow
Ice golem Ice Golem 2200 750 Gold, Ice Golem Heart
Snowbeast Snowbeast 3000 800 Gold, Imperial Axe, Norrlun Armor
Ghost Ghost 2000 850 None
Giant Giant 2500 900 Gold, Gold Bar, Meat T Face Barbute, Star Shield, Scimitar, Bastard Sword, Gigantic Blade
Glacial giant Glacial Giant 2800 1000 Gold, Gold Bar, Meat T Face Barbute, Star Shield, Scimitar, Bastard Sword, Gigantic Blade
Wraith Wraith  ?? 1350 None
Fire being Fire Being 1750 1100 None
Punisher Punisher 2250 600 Gold, Cutlass, Shadow Helmet
Dreadlord Dreadlord 3000 1150 Knight Helmet, Great Slicer
Yetis Yeti 8500 4000

Gold, Gold Bar, Meat, Demonic Amulet , Knight Helmet , Masterwork Knight Legs, Ruby Armor, Golden Ornate rod

Raging curse Raging Curse 3525 1275 Gold, Gold Bar, Cutlass Sword, Great Slicer, Pointed Toe Steel Boots, Winged Rod
Devastating beetle Devastating Beetle 4500 700 Gold, Spiked Mace, Winged Ring, Beetle Carapace, Beetle Shell Armor
Elder ent Elder Ent 4250 1075 Gold, Brass Arm Guards, Bronze Boots, Elvish Mail, Imperial Gauntlets, Mystic Long Targe
Mammoth Mammoth 4750 1100 Gold, Gold Bar, Javelin, Long Sword, Crested Mithril Basonet, Ring of Strength, Meat
Dragon Dragon 6000 1500 Gold, Gold Bar, Amethyst Necklace, Dragon Armor, Magma Hammer, Thick Plate Armor, Rough Ring, Reinforced War Bow, Volcano Wand
Nocturne Nocturne 6250 2750 Gold, Maul, Warlord Helmet
Dracolich Dracolich 4100 2800 Gold, Gold Bar, Dark Gauntlets, Warlord Helmet, Silver Armor, Bone Sword, Great Bardiche, Arbalest, Sceptre of Nature
Azure dragon Azure Dragon 8000 3000 Dragon Wing, Dragon Bone, Dragon Hearth, Azure Dragon Maul
Colossal ice golem Colossal Ice Golem 20000 7000 Gold, Gold Bar, Sacred Necklace, Golden Boots, Ornate Knight Armor, Gold Bascinet, Composite Bow, Hunter Bow, Heroic BladeWarlord Hammer
Melket bombadier Melket Bombadier 9000 3100 Gold, Gold Bar, Bright Armor, Silver Leg Guards
Demon Demon 8950 4750 useless stuff
Imp Imp  ??  ?? No information
Name Health Experience Loot
Hrekkand Hrekkand 25000 5000 Gold, Rusty Bastard Sword, Furred Boots, Leather Trousers, Hrekkand's Vengeance, Rusty Iron Armor, Great Helmet, Thunder Wand
Elder ent Jovsrettok  ??  ?? Gold, Ancient Sylvan Hammer, Mystic Long Targe, Ancient Robe, Golden Bow, Skullsplitter
Keogruteras Keogruteras 80000 15000 a table and a naked hooker
Galiantors Galiantors  ?? 19500 Mithril Armor,

Javelin, Long Sword, Spiked Mace, Golden Maul, Gigantic Warhammer

Ice golem Birlusk Thyns  ??  ?? Gold